A little about us

My name is Alexa. I am a wife and a mama.

I am married to an amazing man named Ben who is the kind of guy who gets up with our son in the morning and takes him in the other room to let me sleep in or enjoy my coffee or read as long as I want to – every morning! We just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary but we’ve known each other 10 years now. Everyday it seems we learn something new! It hasn’t been all laughs and fun but the majority of our life together has been just that. I thank God everyday for this man He has blessed me with!

I have a  little boy who lights up my life. His name is Ayden. He was born on the sunshiny morning of August 6th in our bedroom and has been such a sport since then as we’ve picked him up and moved him around three different countries! He is a blessing and a joy. He is smart in a clever way – like when I tell him not to touch the fan he picks up a toy truck and touches the fan with that!

We live on the coast of western Mexico. Ben likes roasting coffee and smoking his freshly rolled cigars, Ayden loves playing in the ocean waves and climbing stairs – and anything else he can climb! I like walking on the beach and picking up pieces of beach glass and broken shells, I love watching the waves hit the rocks, and the best part of my day is coffee in the morning. These posts are thoughts born out of quiet morning time, stories based on experiences from a beach bum family, ideas for creating a more natural and organic home and life.

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