The Bright Sunshine

Hurricane Jova came and went. She threatened to increase in strength to a level 4 and then changed her fickle mind and dropped to a 1 before hitting land. She also shifted her course and instead of making landfall in our little bay she went, mercifully, up the coast to an area less populated. We fared pretty well. We lost some trees and shrubs and tiles off the roof but we had none of the flooding or land slides that affected the surrounding areas. There are many people with layers of mud in their homes – or with no homes at all. A few towns are cut off from supplies and aid because roads washed out. Most of the restaurants in the area have damage and many of the beach front places in Barra de Navidad fell right into the ocean. Thankfully, there were only 8 fatalities; it could have been so much worse. I am surrounded by work needing to be done. People are shoveling sludge and sand out of their living rooms, rebuilding damaged palapas, moving broken chunks of concrete out to the street.

And yet the sun is so bright! It seems it is newly born and everything has been washed clean – even the air! The temperature is cooler and fresher. When I look across the bay the rocks seems to stand out stark against the skyline, the ocean is calm. But I haven’t lost my home or my business. I haven’t lost a family member or a friend. Do I see the sun so brightly because I am ok? Are the people who are not ok blinded by the same sun I am soaking up?

Throughout the day I am caught by that thought.



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