The big move

Well, the day has come.. time to move. Packing up all our belongings always makes me realize how much stuff we own that we probably could do without. We have moved several times over the last few years and probably sold, given away, or lost 75 percent of what we originally owned when we got married, when we moved into our little house on the North hill.

It was difficult at first to let things go but the more times one moves the easier it becomes to get rid of something instead of pack it up yet again! I remember reading an article at some point last year about a man who claimed to own no more than 97 things. I remember thinking, “Wow, I could never do that.” But the more I thought about the idea the more attractive it became. A visit from my sister who was working in Haiti with the earthquake victims helped push the idea into more of a reality. There are so many people all over the world who have nothing – literally, nothing. When I looked in my closet I had multiple identical shirts in different shades simply because I like the shirt. So I bought three of them. Wait, what?

So last year when we made the big move from the Skagit Valley, Washington to San Luis Potosi, Mexico via Alberta, Canada I got rid of stuff. Lots of stuff. It felt really good and the more I did it the easier it was. I have more than 97 things and I probably always will, but what I’ve learned is that belongings are just objects that I assign a certain value to. If I keep the values in check and remember what is truly important than it’s not difficult to let things go


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