big news

Well, here I am again. I think the last post I made was a couple months ago! This cafe life is a busy one!

The biggest news I have to share is that Ben and I are expecting a little brother or sister for Ayden – and sooner than you might think! I will be twenty weeks tomorrow, already halfway through! We are excited and blessed by another gift from God.

This pregnancy has been trying, I will say that. I was exhausted and nauseous for a full 3 months like most mothers and I feel I am more uncomfortable overall this time around than I was with Ayden. I am also one of those girls who lets herself think that maybe it’s not true, maybe I’m not really pregnant, maybe I’ll lose the baby, etc. For some reason these fears have been amplified. Pair those doubts with the desire for a beautiful home birth and the reality of no clue how to make that happen and I have been stressed and apprehensive these past months! Finally, though, I have started to feel more movements within and I’ve made it well past the scary first trimester. I also have contacts for midwives and home birth options to follow up on. I am truly blessed!


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