March 1st! Already! It seems every year goes by faster, is that possible? February was a busy and tiring month but it ended with some good highlights. I found the “perfect” gift for my little brother’s birthday, I had an ultrasound and all I could do was smile as I watched that little heart beat 160 times a minute, and we enjoyed celebrating my dad’s birthday with friends.

As a new month starts I feel as if it were a new year. I am fighting the urge to make resolutions and promises to myself – the bulk of which I never fulfill… So far I have only purposed in my heart to be more deliberate as wife and mother and to spend more time in prayer. Both of these goals I have been easing toward without really being aware of it. Isn’t that how it often happens?

I have been rewarded in my attempts to spend more one-on-one time with Ayden. Today when he asked me to play guitar I got comfortable on the couch and made up a song with the few chords I know. In return he showered me in wet, open mouth kisses and face smothering hugs!

In addition to loving my heart to pieces, Ayden helps out in the cafe wherever possible – especially those hard to reach places like closed cupboards!



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