Ok, I owe you a huge catch up post.

It has been almost a month since I lasted posted and so much has happened!

First, we decided to close the café on April 1st instead of trying to reorganize everything for the possible sales we might have during Semana Santa and Semana Pascua. We were all happy with the decision as it gave us plenty of free time to relax and get the café set up for the low season.

Second, Kyle and Rae packed their lives up in preparation to head North to B.C. and Ben and I packed up and moved our lives down the street to what we fondly call, the beach house.

As a side note, we are loving the beach house. It is so much cooler and cleaner than the café and the mosquito count is definitely way down – probably thanks in great part to the fat bat that lives in the palapa. Yes, we’ve traded our iguanas in for a fat bat – who is still waiting to receive a name…

Third, we spent Kyle and Rae’s last week in Mexico in Guanajuato walking around the city and seeing the sights. They loved it, we loved it, and Ayden LOVED it! Ayden’s jaw dropped every time he spotted the little toy guitars in every market we went by and he ended up with two of his own. He chased pigeons, danced to the music of a street musician, napped in the sun, stayed up too late, and enjoyed the street food as much as we did – especially the gorditas! Unfortunately, he also dropped the iPod on rough cobblestones during a coffee break at the Conquistador and broke the glass so there are no pictures to prove any of this.

Except this one, which I believe was taken just before the accident occurred…

El Conquistador, Guanajuato

We dropped Kyle and Rae off in Guadalajara and made our way back to the beach on Friday. Ben continues to roast and sell coffee, picking up contracts for coffee sales next season. Mom and I are happy to be back together, especially after Dad’s departure to the States a week ago. We shared a lovely lunch and an earthquake after church yesterday. It is a strange sensation to feel the ground move under you and be helpless to know what to do or when it will stop…

The weather is still cool and lovely, a big change from last year this time! This morning there are hundreds of birds fishing in the bay in front of our house. Ayden and I sat and watched them over a cup of steaming coffee. We are so blessed to be here. It is difficult to think of my life when I know what is going on in the rest of the world… I have to cast myself, helpless, on the Father and repeat the truths written in His word, believing in faith things that I cannot now understand or see.

I am 29 weeks today and this baby is sure making his or her presence known! Mostly in the middle of the night but throughout the day as well there are elbows, knees, fists, feet, pushing their way in every direction. I will have to dig around and see if I can find my 8 year old digital camera (and hope it still has a memory card in it!) in order to get a picture of my growing belly.


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