31 weeks

I am 31 weeks and this baby is wild crazy active! I know it is possible for a baby in the womb to suck his thumb, grab his toes, and have the hiccups – is it possible for a baby in the womb to have ADD? Because, if it is I’m pretty sure this little one does! It seems that more and more there is not only a hand or foot flying up under my ribs or pushing out the side of belly but full body Zumba-style aerobics going on in there!

I just found out that my sister, Camille, definitely gets to be on site for the birth and that is really exciting news! Is it strange to say I am looking forward to the labor? Not neccesarily the actual, intense, and painful birthing of a baby but the looks that pass around when we finally begin to realize: this is it, this baby is coming. The interesting and slightly irritating obsession people have of timing and predicting each contraction. I wonder, will the baby come in the night or the morning or the heat of the day? What kind of “groaning cake” will I want? Probably Chocolate Zucchini… I’m excited and anticipating the event. 🙂


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