Stormy night on the way

Hurricane Bud is making his way furiously toward us but is not supposed to make landfall until late tonight or early tomorrow. We’ve battened down the hatches as much as we can and we feel pretty good with how things are looking. I am super thankful to have power still! Last year when Jova hit I remember not having power in the time leading up to and then after the storm hit. Maybe because we are in Melaque instead of the smaller village of Cuastecomate we will have power longer. Either way, we are ready with our candles!

The best part about this big storm is watching the waves. Or maybe it’s the cooler temperatures… yes, that may trump even the waves. But the wild, wild waves are pretty exciting none the less. Here are a few pictures from today, waiting for the storm to come.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In other news, Ben made it home! It’s so nice to be back together again. I wasn’t sure how Ayden was going to act around his papa after the 3 week separation. There were the initial questioning looks but then he warmed right up to him.

So, I guess I better post this before we lose power…


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