I should warn you…

I am going to be brutally honest. Today has been a hard day. I woke up after a rough night of sleep, if it can be called that. Had my coffee and breakfast and went back to bed. Ben had to work today and Ayden, after being part of the reason we didn’t sleep well, was an angel and hung out in bed with me reading books and playing with his cars.

Throughout this pregnancy I have dealt with fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and light headedness. I have struggled with low iron supply for years and this pregnancy kicked my butt in that arena. I also have been struggling with low blood pressure. Both of these issues can cause the symptoms I’ve been dealing with and I have been trying to get both under control for some time.

The iron supplements I started taking worked wonders – although I am now reading an interesting book in which the author argues that iron deficiencies are better treated with increased protein than with supplements – and my blood pressure had come up at my last check. For the last couple months I have felt more energy and I thought the problems were under control. Today, however, I felt like I’d been hit with a Mac truck!

I am 34 weeks today. I am ready to have this baby. I am eager to hold a new little one in my arms, smell that delicious new baby smell, experience again the magic of childbirth and bask in the afterglow of wonder. But I am also just sick and tired of being pregnant! So, there you go. That is the truth of the matter today. Tonight I am hoping for a sound sleeping toddler, a quiet little baby, and a restful nights sleep.


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