a beach day

After that negative post I should probably put up some good news so you who check back everyday don’t have to look at a downer! As you most likely realized we survived Hurricane Bud. In fact, it turned out there was nothing to survive! At one point Bud reached the category of a major hurricane, which would have been quite detrimental to this area. But before it could cause any damage Bud fizzled out and we didn’t even get rain! It’s a bit strange to walk away from a potential disaster with nothing to show but battened down hatches.

So, to celebrate (and because we had bought tons of ice for the expected days of power outage) Ben, Ayden, and my preggo self went to Boca for the day. It was warm, windy, and we all got a nice sunburn. Including my poor, protruding belly button! The top bit of skin that probably has never even seen the sun got plenty of it and I had a two-tone belly button for three days! No, no pictures of that one. Ha!

But here are a few pictures of the day and the post-Hurricane Bud finds:

Getting ready to go to Boca


preparing a shelter from the sun
the ever searched for heart shaped rock
it’s hard to tell how big this is… a little bigger than my palm

Ayden’s favorite find of the day!
34 weeks + 2 days


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