It is windy and choppy today. The ocean is throwing huge waves up on the shore and because of the full moon the tide is high enough to make beach goers run for high ground over and over again. The temperatures have cooled and the humidity has dropped in the last couple days which is so nice! Last year it was hot. Simply hot. It got hot and stayed that way the entire summer into, I think, September or October… So I am very thankful for this cooler start to summer!

We went out to Tenacatita yesterday. Tenacatita is a beautiful beach with typically mellow waves and crystal clear water. A good place to snorkel and play in the sand. It is definitely not as wild or exhausting as Boca de Iguana beach is! It was a spur of the moment idea and once we got there Mom, Ben, Ayden, and I were all really glad we had made the effort to go! Here are a few shots taken there.

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Ayden is really enjoying the ocean now. We think the weather needed to warm up enough for him to want to be in the water. He had been avoiding the pool as well and now it is all we can do to keep him out of the pool or the waves! He likes to run into the shallows and be as daring as possible, always with an eye on the nearest hand of rescue! He does get knocked down and occasionally rolled around in the surf when we can’t get to him in time but it doesn’t seem to do much permanent damage. After a quiet rest in the shade or someone’s arms he is ready to go at it again!


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