Surprise, surprise!

I would like to introduce you all to Willow Lyn Boyt!

She surprised us all on June 12 by making a fast and furious entrance into our worlds. I will provide more details about the birth and the weeks following in a future post – for now, Ben, Ayden, and I are slowing down, making room to breath, and learning how to be a family of four.

In the meantime, here is the draft of a post written the day before Willow came:

Gaby and Dave have arrived! Along with two other couples, friends and family, which means that the party has officially started. Although, it’s difficult to feel that way with so many still missing!

This week is being dedicated to last minute decisions – of which there are plenty with this wedding, since the bride and groom to be just came out of Africa – and preparations for a fun week ahead. The girls are coming up with center pieces, hair styles, cake recipes while the guys search for surf boards, deep sea fishing boat rentals, and honeymoon locations! Yes, all the important things!

Honestly, the guys have been more proactive than the girls who have been spending plenty of time resting and relaxing with the bride in the pool!

In baby news, I am 36 weeks today and feeling huge.


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