big waves, small joys

Life continues moving in our house. It’s a bit more chaotic, a little more messy, and definitely louder! It seems we all have to raise our voices a tad in order to get over whatever noise is going on around us, whether it is Ayden reading himself a book, Willow making her wants and needs heard, the dog barking at some inanimate object, or just the radio. The waves are adding noise as well! There is a hurricane off the coast that has been throwing in these huge waves. It is projected to go west, away from us, so we just get to enjoy the impressive effect of 90 mile an hour winds on the ocean!

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Willow had a pretty good night last night, which means we all did! She doesn’t seem to be as good of a sleeper as Ayden was but maybe I don’t remember the sleepless nights now. She is eating and gaining weight like a champ. I am looking forward to weighing her again on the coffee scale next time I get to the cafe – I think she may surprise us!

This morning was wonderful.The boys went to the cafe to work on rebuilding grinders and such and I, feeling more rested than I have, made a big breakfast (including Great-grandma Hazel’s potato rolls with blackberry jam, yum!) and took it upstairs to the porch. I lay Willow in her hammock and sat down with my second mug of coffee and my books. With the waves crashing on the shore and birds singing in the sun I enjoyed some quiet time.

I keep remembering Jesus’ words in John 1: a couple of John the baptist’s disciples ask Jesus where he is staying and Jesus replies, “Come, and I will show you.” It seems like an invitation both to them and to me. I have been thinking about what it means to walk the way Jesus did, living life the way he lived it. Where will that take me?

I seem to have a constant craving for chocolate… and a desire to make a layered cake. Chocolate, of course.
Here are my two sweet little ones waking up together:


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