summer days

Ben and I spend a lot of time dreaming, planning, and preparing for the coming high season for La Taza Negra. There is a lot to do since we are moving to a new location: build a new bar area, set up a new kitchen, decide where the tables will go, how will we advertise, try to find employees.. the list seems endless. All this is complicated just a little by the fact that we can’t move in to the new location until October. So we just walk by the building – almost every day – and imagine what it will look like as our cafe. We look and we dream and we wait. It’s the waiting that is getting difficult.

We are spending our days getting done the few things we can at this point then looking at one another and saying, “Well, let’s go to the beach” or more often, “Let’s go to Villa Alegre”. So we pile in the truck and drive over the hill and spend our afternoons playing Settlers of Catan, lounging in the pool, watching tv, walking on the beach, and talking with Mom and Camille. Oh, and eating some great meals! It is getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that in a week Camille will be leaving and not long after that Mom will head South to join Dad in Bolivia. But we have a really great friend coming at the end of this month and Ben’s parents will be here for a visit the first two weeks of August. So after the goodbye’s we’ll have some overdue hello’s!

Willow is growing fast! She weighed in at 4 kilos, 8 lbs 8 ounces. Not bad for 5.5 weeks! We are seeing already how different she is from Ayden. He wasn’t really a sit-and-stare-at-the-world baby but he was pretty chill. Willow spends much of her awake time reminding us that she learned how to use her voice during her stay in the hospital! She is a sweetheart, though. She seems to be much more of a cuddler than Ayden was. And she smiles all the time, in her sleep and in her quiet, content awake times. Those smiles are precious.

Ayden seems to be growing faster than ever! He is teething right now and those molars are not fun but he is doing great and we are getting through it! One down, three to go… He has started to play on his own all of a sudden. I’m not sure if it is because he can see that Ben and I aren’t always available to him like we were or if it is just the stage in his development, but it is really great timing! I love watching him play with his cars, making engine noises, or reading books to himself. He loves kissing Willow! Speaking of kisses, after a rough night I woke up with a fussy Willow and moved to the couch to let Ben and Ayden sleep a little more. Later I woke up with Ayden giving me a huge wet kiss! (Both saliva and runny nose… it was really wet.) Later still, I woke up again with something soft being rubbed in my eye. What was it? Ayden had brought me a pink flower from the garden. What a charmer!


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