We have been down…

with some sort of serious cold. But, thankfully, it seems to be on its way out now! For a few days the four of us sat around sniffling, coughing, drinking tea, and eating soup. Oh yeah, and choking down the GSE! Wow, that stuff tastes SO awful it’s no wonder it cures all maladies!

We spent a lovely, cloudy day at Boca de Iguanas yesterday – one last beach day before Camille takes off tomorrow. The beach was busy with tourists on summer holidays and covered with small rocks that made it difficult to keep one’s balance when the waves rolled in. Willow slept away most of the day in the shade, Ayden played with the umbrella woman’s young son, and the rest of us read books, swam in the waves, and talked about all the different trips we’ve made to that beach over the years. We decided we’ve been visiting Boca since 1990! It was so perfect that Gabriela could have her wedding on this beach after growing up on it! Here we are celebrating Gaby and David’s big day.


And here are a couple shots from yesterday..

Willow is spending more time awake and aware of the world around her. She is definitely seeing farther and is interested in her newly visible world. She is also learning to throw smiles out to waiting faces which is adorable! She is so chubby; I just can’t get over it! Ayden was never as plump as she is. One thing I can’t figure out is how easily all these rolls collect dirt and grime and how hard it is to try to keep them clean!


One thought on “We have been down…

  1. AH! me mata de la ternura estas fotos, que preciosos se ven esos babys ♥
    Que se vaya la gripa y esten pasando bien el verano!

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