He’s here!

Our really great friend, Alex, arrived yesterday. Ben flew up and met him at the border and together they drove a couple hundred miles South, straight through the night, and arrived at the gate way before we expected them! Ben grew up with Alex and his twin brother and I met him about 10 or so years ago. Together the three of us survived travelling in Asia, the ice storm of 2006, some seriously hard work, making music and being broke… to name a few good memories!

I still remember the morning I jumped in the front seat of Alex’s truck and landed on Marine Corp recruitment flyers. My heart sank as I looked at him and realized he was serious. That was five years ago and we have only seen him once since then, during the Christmas holidays when I found out I was pregnant with Ayden.

We have all been waiting for years to be reunited – talking and dreaming on the phone and separately of the adventures we would have again one day! I am oh so happy and blessed that he is here to stay; at least until December.

It was a really good sign, too, when he walked in the door and took my very fussy baby Willow and calmed her right down! Welcome home, Xander, we’re so glad you’re here!

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