I was thinking last night that these parenting years might be compared to the long days of a summer season: full and active days, making decisions on the spur of the moment and feeling that those precise moments means so much, playing hard, working hard, being worn out but content and warm and the end of the day. Then turning around and doing it all over the next day! It’s tiring but so much fun!

For me parenting well means remembering that this is my life. I have moved out of my previous, less demanding and more self-centered life and into a new stage of being. I can no longer just sit down and play a board game with friends or relax with a book for hours. My decision making process requires that I take into account two little people: Ayden and Willow. How will naps fit in, where are the wet wipes, how do I keep the kids from getting sunburned, what is a nourishing snack, move sharp object out of reach… all these thoughts crowd my day and require action and movement and planning ahead on my part. I have to remember that this is my life. It’s my life to sit down multiple times a day and nurse. It’s my life to have to come up with new and entertaining activities for my toddler. My life to cook up and prepare meals and snacks that keep us from reaching in the cookie jar a little too frequently. (Or, better yet, make the cookies in the jar a nourishing part of everyday snacking!!)

Remembering that my life is different now than it was a few years ago and that I don’t have all the freedoms of that past life is not the end though. Remembering that I have two wonderful and beautiful children is not enough. I have to embrace this life. Embrace it as my own and find the joy in the tedious activities of diaper changing and dish washing. Instead of wishing that I could have hours of uninterrupted free time I must learn to embrace the treasure of quiet solitary moments throughout the day. And when I choose to commit to this life it becomes easy! I love being a mama. I love my kids and my husband and this blessed and happy life! Sometimes I just have to stop struggling against it, take a step back, remember that this is my life – I am a mama – and I want to live this life to the fullest! It is then that I find that God has given mothers a very special gift in being mamas. A gift worth treasuring, cultivating, and enjoying.


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