weather report

It had cooled down so nicely! For almost a week we didn’t sweat except when moving in the direct sunlight. The waves pounded into the bay at an average of 6 feet; they were white foam and thunder and lovely to watch. We had overcast and cloudy days, we watched the rain come in off the water in the evenings. One morning the ocean was turquoise blue with a night blue smear all the way across the horizon. It looked like a painter had taken a brush and decided to let every onlooker know just exactly where their view of the ocean ends and the water runs off the side of the world. The mornings were cool, the evenings were pleasant, and the nights brought comfortable beds to sleep peacefully in. I had allowed myself to hope that the break would last… I know, I should have known better!

The heat is back and after three nights of hot sheets on hot bodies with three floor fans and a ceiling fan on high doing their best to try to help us sleep we are starting to feel the lack of rest! Poor Willow loves to be swaddled and sometimes that is the only thing that will help calm her but when it is so hot she only calms down for a couple minutes before she is upset again and begins to sweat! Last night I ran her under the kitchen sink before swaddling her arms (leaving her legs free) and setting the rocker in front of the fan to nurse.

Thankfully the afternoons have brought a strong, relentless wind! I am hoping for that wind again today!

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