treasured quiet, solitary moments

with some Santana playing in the background… or maybe Sandra McCracken, depending on the mood… or just the pounding waves

a strong, hot cup of coffee.. or rooibos with a splash of milk

an ice cold dark beer in the afternoon

a worn book with the pages falling out

kneading bread, smelling it bake

Willow asleep on my chest in the rocking chair in the dark

a piece of dark chocolate and a moment to enjoy it

the rain pounding down, lighting flashing, thunder making me jump into my husbands arms

my husbands arms

cool, early morning hours

Ayden’s sleepy head on my lap after nap time

Willow’s sleepy, sucking noises in the deep night

a whispered prayer

It doesn’t have to be quiet and I don’t have to be alone; it is recognizing the joy in simple things, the importance in smiles. The common objects and events of life become the treasures that are gathered up into memories at the end of each day.


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