beach day

We spent a wonderful morning at Boca yesterday. We decided to get up early to meet some friends to surf at another beach, Los Angeles Locos, but ended up not being able to get there and went to Boca instead. Because the surf is typically better in the morning we had to get up and get moving. We did surprisingly well, actually, and at 8.45 we were in the truck with pails, shovels, an umbrella, the kite, fresh scones, and iced coffee – oh, and the surf boards, of course. The beach is beautiful in the morning, I wish I had gotten some photos of that early light on the sand and water. The feeling of my bones waking up in the sun is one I come to crave, it’s so sleepily perfect and slow.

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Ok, and just so there are no misconceptions out there: we have bad days, too. I would like to know how to better entertain a two and half month old and what to do when my 2 year old looks me in the eye and does exactly what I just asked him not to do. If you have any advice, please let me know, because sometimes in the evening hours I feel worn thin and ready to pull apart as I’m walking the floor with a screaming baby in my arms and a screaming toddler tugging my skirt! I am going to guess that I looked pretty haggard last night when Ben and Alex got home from a dentist appointment because this morning they took Ayden with them to run errands, brought him back for a nap, then took him with them to the cafe for the afternoon! Yes, it’s nice to have a break.



One thought on “beach day

  1. I love that Willow is wearing Tomas’s hat! Looks like an awesome time at the beach. I loved the early mornings out there when we were there for the wedding. Sure love the pictures! keep it up 🙂

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