Day 1

The guys left early this morning for their trip to Guanajuato and Mexico City. Ayden and I sent them off with a thermos of coffee and a few tears. They are going to sight-see for a couple of days in the old, colonial city in the state that I grew up in, Guanajuato, then continue to the D.F. for a coffee expo where they will pick up some of the green coffee for this year’s season at La Taza Negra.

This is the first time that I will have the kids alone for an extended amount of time: five or six days. Today went pretty well. Willow slept in which allowed Ayden and I time to make some rolls, do some dishes, and play with a rope. When Willow woke up the rolls were coming out of the oven and they made a nice snack with our tea. I put Ayden in charge of pouring the milk and passing the buns and we made it all the way through without spilling milk anywhere other than down Ayden’s stomach!

I have a few special things up my sleeve for Ayden’s entertainment later this week.. One day down. So far so good.


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