Tiangis and Nap day

I set the alarm early this morning so I could get up and enjoy some time alone before the kids woke up. It was nice, but also too short. Probably because I didn’t get up when the alarm went off the first time…

Yesterday Ayden and I had banana french toast sandwiches and a smoothie for breakfast and after a bit of playing around we packed up and walked to the weekly market. We walked and walked, up and down, back and forth; we paused only to look at some Beta fish swimming around their bowls and to watch the kids bouncing in the trampoline house. I stopped to buy some delicious tomatoes then I had to catch up with Ayden!

The afternoon was full of visitors. Ayden’s  friend, Erik, spent most of the day with us. We ended up going back to the trampoline house and together Ayden and Erik had a blast jumping, bounce, and sweating! A couple friends popped in later in the day for friendly chats and before I knew it it was time to start settling in for the evening. Snack, songs, books, and finally bedtime.

This morning was beautiful. We managed to get the garbage together and to the corner before the garbage truck arrived then we sat outside enjoying the early morning light. As soon as the sun makes it over the houses and through the trees it’s too hot to sit directly in its rays, so the best times for being outside are early morning or late evening.  Willow is enjoying her jumper much more now that she is able to sit up in it without props. Ayden and I played with his little truck and army men until the mosquitoes found us, then we ran for the door!

Rice pudding for breakfast – one of my favorite ways of finishing off left over rice! A little honey, cinnamon, a bay leaf, vanilla, and milk. Yum. 🙂 It’s like oatmeal, right? We heard a rumble and there was a tractor! Oh, Ayden was in heaven. Actually, he was a little bit nervous and decided he didn’t want to climb up in the cab for a picture.

Some dear friends took us out for a lovely lunch and Willow alternately fussed and cried her way through while Ayden was too sleepy to eat or interact. He half halfheartedly cleaned his monster truck with a napkin and knocked his jamaica water on my white dress, then stared at everyone until it was time to go. I’m sure I enjoyed the meal the most out of everyone! It’s nice to have interaction with grown ups at some point during the day!

Ayden fell asleep within minutes of our arrival home and has yet to wake up. Willow has been napping on and off during this time but it seems she is out now. Wow… what to do with myself? Wash some diapers, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, sweep the floor – or sit and enjoy a piece of dark chocolate, an iced latte, a good book, and the waves crashing on the shore. Hm..


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