last lazy days of summer

It’s not October yet but we have begun the process that will run us through the rest of next month: moving into the new location! This is exciting and, to be honest, stressful. We have the keys to our new house where we will be installing the coffee shop and ourselves, making a home out of what is now an empty house. We will take before and after photos and I’ll get some up as soon as I can. We have been walking around for the last two rainy days looking at what are now our leaks, our plugged drains, our flooded garage, our muddy floors. It is important for me to remember that these are also my walls, my plants, my kitchen. We are going to build memories in this house.

So today the guys are out with Alex’s truck to move the roaster and the bar – whatever large items we have – over to the new place. We already have someone working on cleaning up the trees and plants which are a bit out of control. We also have a friend welding a hand rail for the staircase. The plan is to get everything ready to be able to clean on Monday and paint on Tuesday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

We are going to be fairly busy from now on. Our lazy days of summer are over and we have to switch into work mode! I’ll warn you now that all you will probably be getting from me over the next few weeks are my worries, thoughts, dreams, and struggles with the move! Here are the last photos of summer – a trip to Tecuan, Arroyo Seco, Tenacatita, and one of our favorites, fish and chips at La Magnifica. Now bring on the high season!


One thought on “last lazy days of summer

  1. I will miss hearing from you 😦 I am sorry it is such a mess but I know that you will make it beautiful! Can’t wait for the photos 🙂

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