balance, balance, balance

We are only a few days into this house-and-shop transformation and I am already seeing and feeling the effects. The kids and I have had a couple bad days. And when I say bad, I mean that I spent almost an entire day in the dumps with tears in my eyes and fussy children in my arms. It’s not that we are so busy or even packing up our things, we are just at home like normal. So why the downward spiral? I realized that it is because I want to be 100% invested in everything that is going on and I can’t be. There is simply no way. When that finally hit me this morning I smiled ruefully. I put my kids and myself through some tough days because I was frustrated with them for taking up my time and not allowing me to check things off my to-do list. (Those damn to-do lists that keep following me around, only growing, never shrinking!)

So, what I need is balance. And I must come to accept that things will either get done in time or they won’t, but my first desire is to be a good mother and wife. That has to be my top priority or everything will fall apart like it has the last couple days. I can’t mother part-time and I don’t want to.

Balance. That is my mantra these days. How do I juggle my family, the bakery, a new employee in training, household chores, the renovation project that is the cafe, and myself? Well, for starters I like what Kristin had to say here and I am working toward developing my own morning routine. I believe that some structure will help me step into the day a little more prepared. So I’ll be up at 6 tomorrow!

Here are some photos to keep you up to date with the project. Definitely “before” shots!

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3 thoughts on “balance, balance, balance

  1. So hard to keep our priorities straight, but you are doing a great job! Believe me that every mom with little ones knows exactly what you are talking about!
    The house looks awesome. I want to see more pictures, I keep looking at the ones you posted and try to see a little more around this corner…..I know that by the time I see it in person it will be beautiful!

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