It’s amazing how disconnected from the world I feel when we lose internet for a week! I always think that world events will have changed the course of history or the face of a country, I expect a dozen emails will be waiting for me in my inbox, and I anticipate double digits in the little red boxes on Facebook. Then I realize it has only been 7 days.

A lot has happened here in the last week though. We decided to go ahead and tear out the bathroom wall and the broken windows that lead into the master bedroom in order to connect the two rooms. As the construction workers began parading through the house leaving rubble and sand in their path we escaped to the kitchen (the only room in the house with fresh paint and furniture/appliances in place) and planned where we would put our shelving. We were called to the demolition zone later on to be told that the corners of the brick and concrete walls have no rebar in them and could buckle with the added weight that they must support. So we gave them the go ahead to put in rebar on all the corners.

The wiring team arrived and told us that all our outlets have no ground wires. Ok, so go ahead and run some pipes and new wires, no big deal. We started imagining what should go in each cupboard in our new kitchen. The construction guys call around the corner to come check “it” out. The bathroom roof which had been supporting a water tank for who knows how long has begun to cave in and crumble. Alright, we must replace the ceiling. We decide to take a break and sit in the kitchen breakfast nook.

Yesterday, as we were unpacking boxes and hanging pictures on the kitchen walls we were summoned once again. Our old house is on a septic tank because it was built before the city put in a sewer system but now we need to switch over which requires breaking up the sidewalk all along the house and out into the street and laying new pipes all around since ours are made of clay – old school. Well, ok then, I guess we must!

Needless to say, we are not moving along quite as fast as we had anticipated! And the kitchen is already the heart of our new home.

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