a day in the life

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to create a morning routine to help me maintain a sense of balance in life. I decided that I would get up at 6 AM and, believe it or not, I have stuck to it! Mostly. Since that day our lives have fallen into a pleasant pattern.

Ben and I get up at (or around) 6 and while he gets the coffee brewing I get breakfast ready. Usually oatmeal which has soaked overnight and is quick to fix. I try to get a bit of yoga in and down a glass of water before I have my coffee. Once the brew is poured Ben and I sit down on the couch and enjoy a few quiet moments together in the dark. It’s nice to have time to just sit and let our thoughts wake up slowly and take time to share them with each other instead of throwing half formulated plans out at one another over the kids heads as one of us is heading out the door like we had been doing! Ayden is on to us though, and has started getting up earlier and joining us on the couch. So we get some good snuggle time in before eating breakfast.

Ben goes to the new house – the Maya house as we have dubbed it – at 8 o’clock to let the men in to work. Ayden and Willow usually do well playing in the morning sunshine and I clean up the house a bit and get some worship music playing. Willow is ready for snuggles and a nap around 10 or so and then I either play games with Ayden for a bit or do whatever lunch preparations I can.

10.30 or 11 is tea time and almuerzo. Ben comes home; we drink tea, eat eggs or tamales, maybe some avocado. It is typically a peaceful time we all enjoy together. Then Ben is off and Ayden, Willow and I play games until Willow naps again around 1. I get lunch ready, Ayden helps me unset set the table, and when Ben gets back around 2 we eat. We had this twice this week – with coconut rice, brewers yeast, and chili oil. Yum!!

Ayden naps from around 3 to 5 and if I am lucky Willow either naps or is content for a bit and I peruse the internet, read, bake, or clean up the house. I usually have time to grab an iced coffee or make a pot of tea before Willow’s fussy time begins. Then from about 4 to 6 it’s me and Willow. Nothing satisfies her completely. She will play happily for a minute then be screaming for no apparent reason. Sometimes there is nothing I can do for her and she just fusses. Ayden and I try to make it through these hours without losing patience with each other as his games are interrupted repeatedly and I grow hotter and more frazzled as time wears on. Then Ben gets home. Poor guy.

If there is a breeze or cloud cover we often head outside for a walk or to the beach before we get a snack, take showers, read books, and get the kids to sleep. If Ben and I are still awake after the kids fall asleep around 9 we enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine and a few quiet moments together. In a couple weeks everything will change again, but it’s nice for now.


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