less is more

I have felt a pleasant satisfaction with life recently. I am content in the pattern and routine that I told you about in the last post and I am enjoying the “change of seasons” which I am experiencing more in the mind and soul than in my actual surroundings. It is still extremely hot and humid during the day and the sun still glares down, like it did this afternoon, in a shaft of almost unbearable severity. Today even the ocean appeared to be annoyed with the sun’s persistent and unwavering glare. Everything about outside said heat. There was a steady breeze that was hot but made being out of doors bearable at least. We ate our curried fish and rice upstairs on the patio and it was pleasant enough – although we did comment more than once how tasty our white wine, thawing in the bottle on the table, was with the meal.

Still, in spite of the heat, I feel the color of the leaves changing and the apples and pumpkins and zucchini are piled on the counter of my mind. My nose feels the bite of a cold breeze and my body feels the pull toward a run with earmuffs on. Weird, huh? I am thoroughly loving it. And by “thoroughly” I mean that last night I made a pumpkin pie from scratch and put on some Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis – which in my mind are almost synonymous with the holiday season – and invited friends over for dessert and coffee.

I think that part of the reason for my relaxed attitude is the minimalistic style of life we are living at the moment. We are pouring all available funds into the house/cafe and until we get up and running we will not be bringing any cash in so we are being frugal where we can. One way is to limit those things we indulge in: chocolate, beer, wine, cheese, cigars. Another is to make the most of all the food that we buy. So I have been fermenting, souring, and preserving everything available! It’s like Little House on the Prairies in here! I am discovering new ways to spice up staples like beans, rice, lentils, oatmeal. All of it makes me feel good in a wholesome way. I feel a sense of accomplishment in making our supplies go as far as I can. It makes my heart happy to watch Ayden eating sauerkraut and fish and gulping down raw milk and beet kvass (I have yet to get the hubby on the beet kvass wagon). We all feel healthier with less wheat, sugar, and alcohol. And this comes at a good time since I am packing up to move to the Maya house and every time I pack I find things that we don’t need anymore. It is a season of less. But in this season, less is so much more.

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One thought on “less is more

  1. Great Blog, Lexa! I know what you mean about “feeling” fall instead of seeing it! I get so mixed up thinking that we just entered Spring and Christmas is in Summer! .
    Less is definitely more! Enjoy 🙂

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