calm strength and patient wisdom

Today has felt totally chaotic. From waking up at 5.30 only to find that my husband was not in bed with me  to now – Ayden is napping and Willow is in her rocking chair watching Ben – I have felt on high alert.

I found my husband (somehow he ended up in bed with Ayden – he’s not even sure how that happened!) and went back to sleep. I awoke 15 minutes later when a land crab crawled down my arm. HOW DO THEY GET IN MY BED?!?!? Once I decided it was a land crab and not a giant, hairy spider, I wandered out to the kitchen where Ben was making the coffee. We enjoyed our coffee but there was something between us, some wall. Finally we talked it through and built a bridge and ended up on the same side of the chasm before the kids woke up. (Thankfully! What would the day have been like if we hadn’t!!) Ayden was fussy. He wanted this and that and lost it when it didn’t come fast enough. I sent him back to bed at one point with a big stack of books and told him to come back to the kitchen when he felt better. Ben started working on cafe business and in the process was warned that it was a possible fraudulent site that he had already entered his credit card info on. It turned out to be fine and we moved on to a coffee cupping which ended with Ayden on the counter with the beans, coffee grounds, and breakfast in his lap and our notes on each particular coffee rather scattered.

Ben left to run errands and I started cleaning up the kitchen when my (for the moment) quite and peaceful little girl started shrieking. Ayden had put a clothespin on her toe. Ok.. it was then I accepted the fact that the dishes were not going to get done, the bed was not going to be made, I was going to be lucky to get lunch on the table by 5, and I better not let Ayden out of my sight.

We went for a walk. We bought some groceries. We brought the kitten home from the Maya house for Ayden. Willow napped for 10 minutes. I started making a loaf of bread (what WAS I thinking?!). The cell phone rang. Ayden unraveled 3/4 of the toilet paper roll. Neighbors stopped by with a question. Willow cried. Ayden pulled all the books off the shelves. Ben took Ayden to town. Willow cried. I started lunch and continued the bread. Willow napped for 3 minutes. Ayden and Ben came home. Lunch wasn’t ready. Ayden took a nap. Ben put a couple beers in the freezer. I finished getting lunch ready. Willow napped for 15 minutes. Ben cleaned the entire house!! Wow, what a husband I have. Seriously.

How does a mama get through a day like this? Only by the grace of God and with a healthy dose of His joy. Oh, Lord, I need it today! (True, having an amazing and understanding husband is a HUGE perk, but still, I am a selfish and emotional person who is capable of ignoring his help and losing my joy and grace as soon as Ayden crawls out of bed and bashes Willow’s head with his John Deere tractor.) I need Christ’s redeeming work to continue to mold me into the follower I want to be.


Almighty God, heavenly Father, you have blessed us with the joy and care of children; Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up, that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer For the Care of Children – Book of Common Prayer

Grace, Support, Worship



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