Here we are

at La Taza Negra!

It was a push to get open and there is still so much work to do – so many projects – but we are open and living here! Our first day was hoppin’ and it has been pretty quiet since then. Which is ok; the extra time lets us figure out exactly where we want things and helps us to work out kinks in the baking schedule and such. I am already drinking way too much coffee, of course. I am really enjoying the baking and the meal planning and by 8 o’clock I am ready to crawl into bed with my little girl!

Ayden seems to be adjusting although I think it is a pretty big change for him. Not only being in a new home with a new bed but the slow routine we had been enjoying has been replaced by a busy one full of “no” and “don’t touch that” and “put that back”. No, you can’t have a bite of every cinnamon bun and cookie that comes out of the oven. Don’t touch all those nicely stacked to-go cups and lids or that extremely hot pan. Put back that chopping knife, sugar caddy, and customer’s cell phone. I am trying to be patient with him and keep “yes” and “I love you” and “good job” at the tip of my tongue but it is not always easy. Ben and I are trying to be more intentional with the time we have with him when he first wakes up and when he gets up from his nap.

Willow decided she was ready to sit up so she did! I have been propping her up with a nursing pillow to help her learn and on Wednesday I realized she wasn’t leaning on it anymore but just sitting there! She loves her new freedom and will sit for quite a while reaching for different toys and looking around at everything. Her normally idyllic sleeping pattern has been replaced by an inability to fall asleep – not really great timing! The night before we opened Ben and I decided to call it a night at midnight and when we walked into the room there was Willow, wide awake! And she stayed wide awake until 3! Happy, but definitely awake.

Thanksgiving passed without event. We decided that our celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving in October was enough for us! I have plenty to be thankful for though: my amazing husband who, once again, is taking all the random pieces of this house and our trade and building something beautiful and successful – all the while loving and encouraging his family! My children, who keep me real and force me to live a little closer to the way Jesus taught us – I love them to pieces! My family: scattered all around the world, serving God on their own corners, shining light in every dark place, sharing their salt with different tribes. My God who is living, loving, and awakening hearts all around this globe!

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5 thoughts on “Here we are

  1. Looks Great! Lots of “early mornings” šŸ™‚ Thanks for the pictures, I’ve been thinking about you lots! So wish I could come by for a scone and latte!

  2. Lex, Willow is gorgeous!

    I love her little happy and content face… Glad Ayden is getting into gardening at an early age too… ā¤

  3. Lexa, the shop looks fantastic! It is so cute and looks so inviting. Great Job! I wish I could come hang out with the kids. Give them kisses for me!


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