evening time

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The kids have been sick for the last couple days with some kind of cold causing runny noses, coughs, watery eyes, sore throats (or so it appears), and overall crabbiness and inability to sleep. Ah… it is on days like this that I think I might be a little crazy to try this whole mom and baker and candlestick maker business! But we made it to the circus and saw the camels and two monkeys and the motorcyclists in their big metal ball. We planted some herbs and painted a wall. We had a few lazy hours on our day off.

I miss the ocean. People are impressed with our “ocean view” here in the new house and I guess it is because they don’t have a view of the ocean from their homes. I spent the spring, summer, and fall watching the waves pound in from the Atlantic (this is what happens to me when I am running on not enough sleep.. I also put “Granola with granola and fruit” on the blackboard at the shop and left it there all day before I realized it should be “Granola with yogurt and fruit.” Oops.) Pacific ocean onto my door step. What a lucky girl I’ve been!! And now I realize that I am still lucky to have this little corner view, through power and telephone lines, of the wide blue. Lucky? Blessed maybe.

Ayden is watching Ben drop the coffee and Willow is rolling her way across the tile floor.


One thought on “evening time

  1. oh, how I miss you!! You have the most beautiful children and such an amazing way to make any house a home. Just gazing at the photos for the ? time 🙂

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