Day 2

We are enjoying day 2 of our Christmas break by working on all the little projects that we have been itching to get done but haven’t had enough time or space to do until now. I rearranged the work table in the kitchen and am (finally!) getting my desk somewhat organized. Ben is working on covering his bar area a bit better in an attempt keep the dust to a minimum and to hide the boxes and coolers underneath. We will also be working on the plants and beautifying the cafe seating area, something I have been dying to do!

Don’t worry, it hasn’t all been work. We went to Boca de Iguanas yesterday with some friends we met through the cafe. I don’t think I had ever seen the ocean at Boca as calm as it was yesterday: little waves and crystal clear water. It was perfect for Ayden, Willow, and Amelia (11 months) to splash around and sit in. We had not been out there in a while and it was so good to taste the salt and feel the rough brine drying on our skin.

I’m afraid that I am not feeling the Christmas spirit much these days… I was really enjoying the holidays: baking cookies, making the gingerbread house, weaving together the wreath. But now it doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore. Perhaps because I am more acutely aware that my family is far, far away. Today I was sitting on the floor with Willow and I thought of my parents traveling in Bolivia to spend the holidays with my sister and brother and all of a sudden realized that they were not coming here and I was not going to see them. It brought tears to my eyes before I could reason with myself that I have known all along that we would not see them until the Spring.

It also may be because my husband’s grandmother passed away last night. I didn’t know her very well and I have always wished that I had met her a few years before I did. I would have loved to listen to her tell her stories and hear my questions. I haven’t forgotten the way her whole face brightened as she told me about one of her horses entering the show ring and hearing the gasp of the crowd; he was such a beautiful horse. I would have loved to place Willow in her arms.

Thinking of family scattered around the world, baking cookies and listening to worship music, sweating in the heat but enjoying my little girl napping in the sling on my back..

Here are the pictures I promised of the Fiestas Guadalupanas a couple weeks ago and a few of the kiddos.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. i’ve been waiting for another post and here i am with my cup of coffee delighted to sit down and read it. : ) i’ve been struggling with the christmas spirit this year too. family is such a part of it all and we’re all quite far away but i’m challenged to embrace it and be thankful. I love you and your little family. love that shirt from the tiangis too! what are the odds?? : ) xoxox

    1. The shirt, I know! I thought of you, of course, and our adventure in Bhutan. How in the world did a shirt from Bhutan get to the tiangis in small town Melaque? Ha ha.. Merry Christmas to you and your hubby, we miss you two!

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