15 facts of life

  1. Willow has a serious cold.
  2. I don’t bake well on very little sleep.
  3. It’s so great to have family in town!
  4. If there was any doubt about the season at the cafe picking up it has now been dispelled.
  5. My mom is always there for me.
  6. My husband sweeps floors and washes dishes and all I say is “Thanks, babe”
  7. The GSE joined us at the table along with the bacon and eggs.
  8. Ayden has started throwing things in frustration.
  9. Ben had been missing his guitar tuner for a few days and found it yesterday when he cleaned out the shop-vac. (Um.. Ayden..?)
  10. Yogurt Coffeecake is super versatile and oh, so good! Try coconut-almond or rosemary-orange. Yum!
  11. Willow is scooting across the floor toward the door as I type.
  12. When I don’t get around to hanging out the laundry until after dark I get to stare at the stars while I hang.
  13. All the poor and powerless are not forgotten by Jehovah.
  14. Being grateful changes everything about life. Changes even me.
  15. One of my favorite moments this week was holding my sick baby girl all wrapped up warm in the blanket her aunt made her.

One thought on “15 facts of life

  1. I love you, baby! Just keep doing the next thing…
    You are right about being grateful, it changes us and then the outside world doesn’t look so bad šŸ™‚ Miss you sooo much!

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