winding down

Yes, life is slowing down for us a bit. I am ready for the change of pace! It has been a fun and hectic season at the cafe and I can look back on it with a smile. We only have a few more weeks to go and then we’ll be closing up the doors and I’m sure we won’t know what to do with all the time!

Even last week Ben and I were looking at each other, unsure of what to do with our evenings. We went out a few times to the beach for the sunset, to a corner cafe, to a new restaurant for a shared bottle of sangria. Lovely. Ayden and Willow are having more books read to them, more block castles built and knocked down and rebuilt, more cuddles. I am letting Ayden make more messes. He enjoys the grater and he will grate anything and everything he can think of. Which has resulted in some pretty scuffed up toys.

march 044 march 055 march 058 march 060 march 063 march 082 march 087

But now we are sick again. Yes, one of our employees received the flu shot, got sick, came to work, and infected us all! Thankfully a friend had just brought us a couple of his chickens so there has been soup simmering on the stove for days now. Our counter has been littered with all the paraphernalia that goes along with colds and flus: the garlic press full of garlic, the fresh ginger with the grater nearby, homeopathic tablets, GSE, fruits high in vitamin C, sippy cups and bottles of echinacea tea. We’ll beat this thing yet!

march 074 march 077

Willow has a new tooth, the first one! She is also standing really well and will even balance for a second or two on her own as long as she is holding something in both hands. She has learned that she can close the door by crawling after it and leaning on it with one hand. When she gets angry she can throw one of the best fits I’ve seen. It is so pitiful but sometimes so funny. Willow loves watermelon.

march 079

Ayden just keeps us laughing or crying. He loves to sing and he puts his whole person into his songs. Today he scribbled on a piece of paper while sitting with Ben who was writing out a to-do list and later, when Ben was getting ready to go out to run errands, Ayden made Ben stop and find the piece of paper he had scribbled on. Once it was found, Ayden unwrinkled it and showed it to Ben while directing with both hands the way he needed to drive in order to get to a certain place. He had drawn Ben a map. We are constantly surprised by this little guy. Ayden’s favorite fruit is blueberries.

The cafe is slowing down, we are letting go and relaxing, the weather has been remarkably cool, and the ocean… she is starting to show her untamed nature, throwing wild waves up on the shore. We are moving into a new season.

march 065


2 thoughts on “winding down

  1. Makes me cry looking at these photos and hearing about what the kids are like. I cannot wait to spend time getting to know their little personalities. Hmm… Thanks for writing!! I miss you both so much and am so looking forward to seeing you in eight weeks!!

    1. Can you believe it’s only 8 weeks! Crazy.. I just realized that yesterday. I think the kids, especially Ayden, will be drawn to anyone who speaks Spanish!

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