breaking the bread together

Saturday was a busy day. Our last day of cafe work and the beginning of cleaning, organizing, packing, storing. I didn’t really have a great attitude about it all. I just wanted to be done and sit down and relax. But after Saturday comes Sunday and after Sunday comes Monday with the construction workers knocking at the gate at 8 AM to start ripping apart concrete and putting up new walls. So the cleaning had to begin.

Sunday morning was a bit chaotic and frustrating. I walked around in a black cloud for about an hour before shaking it off and remembering it was Sunday – Easter Sunday. So I pulled myself and my kids together and got out the door and down the few blocks to church. As the worship period was ending and the sermon was about to begin, I was ready to run out the door with Ayden in a stranglehold and just make for home! Somehow we made it through the sermon and I was able to pull my mind around remembering the body and the blood. I walked to the front of the church and remembered. I walked down the aisle to the back row and shot Ayden a “don’t-you-dare-open-that-bag-of-church-cookies-and-no-you-can’t-go-eat-the-left-over-communuion-bread” look and sat back down. As soon as church was over I wrestled the kids into the stroller and started for home. I managed to get lunch in the oven and the kids down for a nap. Ben was stressed and receiving more coffee orders and no one was in a festive, celebratory, hallelujah mood.

We finally sat down to eat and everything changed. We started laughing and joking together. The kids started playing and we began to unwind. A deep sigh. A sigh from within. And I thought to myself, there was a reason that Christ broke bread with His friends. All the time He was breaking that bread. At the wedding, in the hills with the crowds, His last visit with his disciples… “Do this in remembrance of me.”

Then He rose from the dead and He walked with His friends again and on that dusty road to Emmaus and they didn’t even know Him! Until He sat down and broke the bread. Fellowship over the meal. Maybe it’s more important than we think? We commemorated the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice more truly with our meat and potatoes than we did at church with the white bread and grape juice.

La Taza Negra is closed and one of my goals for our “new normal” is three meals a day – together. Fellowship together, laugh together, nourish not only our bodies but our relationships, our souls. Break bread as Christ showed us.

Happy Easter. He is risen! He has conquered death and given us life! And He offers us life – more and more life! Continuous, flowing, expanding life! And that life includes our simple, every day, three times a day, breaking bread together.

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