Abuela is here..

..and we are enjoying a lovely time at Villa! Actually, all the work on our house in town has been a bit stressful, especially for the hubby. And I am just now beginning to feel myself again after being quite under the weather. But the mornings are beautiful with the sun streaming over the hill behind us and lighting up the hills across the bay and the sunsets have been incredible as they typically are. 046 023

It’s so good to be with my mum again after 8 months apart! Ayden loves her and whenever he loses sight of her will say, “whes a’buela?” He was upset with her this morning for coming downstairs before we could make her her cup of coffee and take it to her in her room.

We are working on the potty training and it seems to be going well. I’m not sure that potty training before this long drive North in May is the best plan but Ayden wanted out of his diapers so we’re giving it a shot!005 009

Willow is standing really well on her own but still hesitant to take any steps. She LOVES the pool and would probably spend all day in it even after her lips turn purple. She is working on another tooth which will make 3. She is clapping and dancing to music or just because. The other day she grabbed Ayden’s little guitar and putting her hands in just the right places she tilted her head to the side and sang. Gosh. Too. Adorable. villa april 043 villa april 068We are having low temperatures, as much of a winter as we’ve had this year, and with the breeze off the water we often spend the day in long sleeves or pants which is a nice change! However, it also means that we are spending no time in the pool and precious little in the sun. I guess my tan will have to wait still….

Listening to this song and keeping my heart, my eyes lifted up to a higher place.villa april 067 050 villa april 053


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