like a rolling stone

I am ready to go.

I am sitting upstairs in my grandmother’s condo with two sleeping babies nearby and soft music playing. It’s peaceful. Something I feel I’ve been missing a bit these days.. peace. It has been such a whirlwind the last few weeks!

Just to catch you up: we packed into the car on May 6th and only made it 45 minutes before we realized that the truck was not going to make. The transmission went out and we were back in the sunshine at Villa Alegre scrambling to find tickets to fly us North. After an afternoon of searching we bought our tickets and flew out a couple days later. We spent about 10 days with my in-laws in Southern Missouri where Ayden got to drive his grandpa’s tractor around the farm and play with all his grandma’s childhood toys.

Ben went on ahead of us to Washington State where he has started his summer job in Roche Harbor and is patiently waiting for us to meet him there. I have been staying with my parents, brother, sister + her beau, and the kids in the town I grew up in at the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s weird. That’s about all I can really say about it. I have tried to analyze how I actually feel about being back here and what it means that I have been here over a week and not seen one of my childhood friends. It’s true that many have moved on and no longer live here but it is equally true that I have not kept in touch with anyone here. It has been two years since I have been in the States. I recognized on that trip in 2011 that I no longer belonged in mid-Missouri and I had precious little in common with those I still new here. This visit seems to be the scissors cutting the last strings that tie me to this place.

But in all the travel, lack of sleep, seeing family again, trying to keep the kids in every sense of the word (well-fed, quiet, entertained, in line, polite, clean, clothed, etc.) I am missing the peace. It’s not like my “normal” life is extremely peaceful but since we started on this busy journey I haven’t taken time, made it a priority, to keep my eyes on those things above which my soul so craves. I heard this morning through the fog that my God does not change with the shifting shadows which surround me. And although I don’t feel it, I accept and believe and know it to be true. Thank you, God.

My sister, Liliana, and I are packing up tomorrow to drive out West. We are planning 4 travel days and plenty of snacks – the adventure continues!


One thought on “like a rolling stone

  1. Thinking and praying for you and your kiddos along your journey. I hope this summer is full of sweet moments, strong coffee, and peaceful nights. Wishing our paths cross soon!

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