a day in our island life

Ben gets up about 4.30 and drives the boat to the harbor where he works managing a little espresso bar in a ritzy tourist spot. The Willow and I get up anywhere between 7 and 8.30 and stumble down the stairs to put on water for coffee and oats. I have finally befriended the hand grinder we have for grinding coffee and I use it every morning. I often have to wander out to the bunkhouse if Ayden is still asleep because the thing makes so much noise! We eat our breakfast, often in front of a fire that Ben has left burning for us. It’s not that it’s cold out (although, coming from Jalisco I would consider 50 to be pretty chilly!) but it’s cheery and comforting to sit in front of a blazing fire with a hot cup of coffee and porridge with raisins. After waking up for a bit we usually wander outside either to take a walk, go feed our neighbors chickens and water his garden, or play in the cargo net or the little dinghy. If I’m lucky I make up a fresh cup of coffee and sit with my Bible or some silence while the kids play for a bit. Oh, and don’t forget to turn the solar panel to catch the earliest rays coming from behind the cabin through the trees.

Lunch is usually rice and beans with fresh carrots and snap peas or eggs and toast with an orange, maybe a piece of dark chocolate for dessert. Then comes nap time and it is getting harder and harder to get both kids to sleep at the same time! But if I do than I enjoy a leisurely afternoon of reading and a third cup of coffee. Oh, and don’t forget, if I want a shower I must fill up the sun shower bag now so it can sit in the sun for the afternoon and be warm for an evening shower.

Ben gets home around 3 and we enjoy a beer and sit in the sun or work on a project around the cabin. (Don’t forget to turn the solar panel and light a fire in the hot tub if we want to soak later!) We play with the kids, go for a walk, jump in the ocean, head out to fish, or read and work on crossword puzzles in the shade. Dinner these days is salad and salmon for the most part; we have plenty of both! Then its time for the sunset, maybe a walk down to the point or to the fern field and back to tire the kids out before bed. If Ben and I are still awake by the time both kids are sleeping we will hot tub, build a campfire and watch the stars come out, or sit inside by a fire in the wood stove and talk or listen to Canadian broadcasting.

All in all, it’s not a bad life. We are so blessed to be living this dream!


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