Still here

Hello world…

We made it off our dreamland island in a spit of rain, with heart strings stretching and pulling taunt. I am thankful that we didn’t have all the time in the world to say goodbye. It was a bit of a rush in the end and it made it easier to have to throw a whispered farewell over the water from the back of a tossing boat.

Our little family plus my sweet sister, Lili, are hanging out on the Oregon coast for a few days. We are keeping the delivery guys busy with all the coffee and bakery supplies coming in! The roaster looks amazing and is intensely scary in its own way. We had to take it apart in order to be able to transport it in a trailer and I’m not sure I’ve ever been so nervous. I had to shut myself in the bathroom and cry for a good fifteen minutes thinking of what we had just managed to do. Just managed to not drop. This is a new chapter in our caffeinated life and I am already learning to hold with an open hand.

Will post pictures as soon as we have reliable internet and time.



4 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Can’t wait to see you all! Saw Angie today and she said she misses you too. It’s hot and humid but lush green! Looking forward to La TazaNegra coffee. Wynn

    1. Christy, thank you and Dustin SO MUCH for all your help in getting this season off to an excellent start! You are awesome and a blessing. Thank you for your prayers, it means more to me than you know.

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