Lili, the kids, and I made it across the country through sun, rain, snow, closed interstates, wrong directions, dinners with friends, and, finally, a 14 hour push to Great Grandma’s house in Missouri! The kids were troopers.

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We met up with my sister Camille and her husband Isaac and drove South for an exciting soiree to celebrate Lili’s engagement with Brian!

Driving East 057My brother, Tomas, is also here, so that makes 4 out of 5 siblings and let me tell you: anytime my family gets together the party starts! It was non-stop laughter all night! We missed everyone who couldn’t be there and the anticipation for Christmas just keeps growing even after I think there is no more room in my heart to hold all the excitement!

siblings in branson 2

siblings in bransonBen is driving South to Melaque with our new roaster and all the new gear. Communication is sketchy now but I know he made it across the boarder with no problem – thank you, Lord. Sigh of relief. I know there are other check points along the route and I am waiting impatiently for news…


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