Sometimes life feels a little wobbly. Like maybe the plan we were standing so firmly on was never built on rock after all, more like the sand dunes in Oregon.

old camera pics 075And I wake up in the morning and it takes me a minute to realize the sun is shining. I am thankful for that. I take one step at a time: breakfast for the kids, coffee at the table, prayer for one another and for Papa far away.

Sometimes I guess I just start moving too fast and I worry and I think I’ve got it figured out and I’m anxious and I don’t stop to pray. To wait. To listen. Wisdom. I have been thinking, praying, meditating on wisdom for months. How could I have failed to listen to the voice of Wisdom?

But that voice is also the voice of Renewal, of Awakening, of Blessing and Grace. And I’m feeling it already like a lessening in the downpour. Like a soft rain after the torrent. Like a tender hug that lets the tears flow.

Summer 2013 191The sun is shining in the window on the living room couches of the tenth “home” since we left the island. I am thankful for the laughter from the children and the aunts in the next room. The joy mingling with the sound of pain and confusion and that torrent that is threatening in the back of my heart.

What is important? What is real? It is not those things that I can grasp in my hand.  It is those unseen seeds that germinate and grow in the spirit where I thought all was quiet and dormant. Blooms. Life.

Summer 2013 143 Summer 2013 166Ben attempted to cross the border with the new roaster and was detained by customs. After many days and many interviews we have lost these temporal items which we have paid so much for and which we cherished too much. It is a long road ahead and all we know to do is take one step at a time. Stay in front of the torrent. Trust the Life. And we are already seeing the effects of the touch of Life. I am so thankful. So. Thankful.


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