We made it home. Today was our first day at the cafe and I feel really good about it. It’s always encouraging to have new timers in the first day! It’s also so good to see friends walk through the gate; it’s like a balm for the rough edges stress left on us these past weeks.

The kids have settled in well and quickly. I think they can tell we’re done moving around. Ayden definitely remembers places and people and memories which is fun for us to see. Willow, of course, just rolls with life as it is in the moment. IMG_4425

Lili is awesome. Need I say more? No. It’s also such a blessing and a treat to have my mom here camping out with Lili!

The ocean looks as good as ever she did.

The Wide Ocean ~ Pablo Neruda

Ocean, if you were to give, a measure, a ferment, a fruit
of your gifts and destructions, into my hand,
I would choose your far-off repose, your contour of steel,
your vigilant spaces of air and darkness,
and the power of your white tongue,
that shatters and overthrows columns,
breaking them down to your proper purity.

Not the final breaker, heavy with brine,
that thunders onshore, and creates
the silence of sand, that encircles the world,
but the inner spaces of force,
the naked power of the waters,
the immoveable solitude, brimming with lives.



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