Stating facts mode

We are ending week three at the cafe and life is busy. Thanksgiving brought extra orders for pies and rolls and we’ve had a few good bread orders. Our daily cafe hours are pretty slow still and yet it always takes a push to get everything in order to open the doors by 8.

I have been hesitant to publish anything here because I am not really able to put thoughts into words at the moment. I am aware that God is working in my heart in a real way; a way that I cannot understand yet. So my lack of understanding keeps me silent. Kind of like Zechariah, John the Baptist’s dad, who was mute for the duration of his wife’s pregnancy. What a lot he had to ponder during those months! His lack of faith, his unbelief, the obvious, growing belly of his wife – an undeniable miracle developing before his eyes.

And perhaps my silence is also similar to the way that Mary gathered things up in her heart. Sometimes I think we are just meant to gather: thoughts, inspirations, prayers, pictures – Spirit breath. Gather and wait in silence for the revelation. Wait in expectation. Just as we gather and light the candle every evening and read the scriptures that for thousands of years have been pointing like the North Star, pointing Home. I don’t feel capable of holding all the loose strands and I look for the moments of silence and pause so I can touch them again and remember that I am waiting. Expecting.

But for now I am in “stating facts” mode:
Ayden is starting to speak a few Spanish phrases and Willow is starting to understand more of this “new” language.  Ayden is much more intelligible now in English and we are frequently surprised by his thoughts. Willow, who has always been good at communicating on a bare needs level, continues to do so. Her screams are pitch perfect every time.
We have been out and about to a few beaches and some of our favorite restaurants. The ocean is the perfect temperature right now! The kids love the water and both re fairly confident in it.

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Family starts trickling in next week and it will be so good to see them! We are so blessed to have another year with all of us together.


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