favorite things…

Listening to this Van Morrison song. Usually it turns into this playlist.

Reading this post about church – it rings true somewhere inside me…

Watching these kids grow right in front of my eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Learning a bit about ‘tiny composting’. If you live in the tropics and are interested in composting you can try this and send me any tips you find!

Practicing this song for Easter service.

Celebrating a birthday with this gal: turning 23 and 30 years old on the same day!

IMG_5532 IMG_5555

Getting ready to ferment this Beet&Apple Relish for the first time.

Drinking moka pot coffee black with whipped cream after dinner.

Enjoying all the beautiful days. Gifts.



2 thoughts on “favorite things…

  1. I can’t wait to get back to town and try to listen to that Van song! I don’t think I know it, amazing 🙂 All the pictures are great, I love the ones of the kids wrestling on the floor Willow looks like she is really on the attack in one of them! Of course the article about “church” created a longing in my soul…. one day! Love you and that beautiful family of yours. You are a wonderful mama, wife, and daughter!

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