we made it

Now that we are home it seems we were gone for so much longer than three weeks! But here we are; we are so thankful to be back! The trip home was, in a word, miserable. From one of our bags ripping open on the way out the door, to finding out we had no seats on the last leg of our flight, to being sick with a stomach flu and throwing up in a garbage can of the Delta check-in area in the Mexico City airport, then being told I would not be allowed to board the plane (leaving in 35 minutes!) unless the airport doctor cleared me to fly… yes, it was miserable. Now Ben is suffering quietly through his 24 hour bug on the bed upstairs.

And it’s hot here, guys! Yes, I knew it would be but, man, I always forget just how hot it can be! I am freezing fruit to munch on and water bottles to drink and filling tubs with water from the hose for my hot kids! It is still relatively cool in the early morning and we sit around drinking coffee and enjoying the peace while we should probably be doing all the activities that requires any physical movement before the sun gets up!

Our trip to the States was great: family time with both sides, plenty of excellent beer, wine, and specialty cheeses,  hearing Willow mimic a whippoorwill in the night, sitting around a campfire laughing and watching fireflies, cheering Ayden on as he learned to trust and jump into uncles’ arms in the pool, a wedding planned and enjoyed.

I am making my plans for the summer and letting this house unfold around me. It’s so nice to be here without the cafe operating! We are thoroughly enjoying the luxury of the time we have now and quietly anticipating the secrets this slow summer with speak.

My beautiful sisters
My beautiful sisters



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