It’s true. We’re home. And my little nephew is still safely tucked away inside his mama’s belly. Birth seemed imminent and we were on pins and needles for days until we realized that this little one is going to come when he is good and ready. So we decided to leave the cool temperatures, the wonderful little bakery, and the joys of sharing meals and laughter with family.

The major catalyst for the decision was that my two little ones were getting homesick. I thought that they had just gotten the idea into their heads that they would be happier at home, but when we arrived they were ecstatic and that evening they slept 11.5 hours, each only waking once and falling right back to sleep! I haven’t slept that many hours in years. It felt so good. I guess they really are content to be home.

We also got our truck nationalized! It’s kind of crazy to think that we are now living here on permanent residency cards, driving a Mexican vehicle, and our business is paying into the Mexican tax system. I guess we can truly be considered ex-pats now.

Here are a few pictures of our time at “the lake house” in Ajijic.



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