We just got back from a lovely camping trip to one of our favorite beaches, Boca de Iguanas. I probably don’t have to tell you how much I love waking up to the waves and the sun rising over the hills, warming me and, invariably, Willow Lyn, with it’s early morning rays. In spite of a rather terrifying adventure, a la Indiana Jones, with an exceptionally large crocodile and a creaky, rusted extension bridge – TWICE!!! – we had a lovely trip.

Unfortunately, we left our camera on our last adventure to the land of the volcano in Colima where we searched in vain for coffee to pair with our Oaxaca for what we hope will be an amazing espresso blend – we’re taking suggestions on a clever name for our new espresso blend, by the way. But instead of coffee we ended up with an amazing mini-vacation in the foothills of the volcano and a little boy with a split forehead. Don’t worry, he didn’t end up needing stitches!

However, we grabbed this picture of our camping trip on Ayden’s little digital camera – a gift from his Abuela this summer. I think it clearly shows our total relaxation and enjoyment of the moment. The way a vacation should be!

2006-03-08 16.05.02

This week our work begins; we will be working 5 days instead of 3 and roasting enough to keep up with the many cafes opening now. Still unsure how we will do it this season, but somehow or other…


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