A friend of mine recently wrote me a sweet email reminding me of how much we need one another; we need to voice our hearts and share our lives with one another. It gets so easy to go through day to day life feeling down, discouraged, unwell, maybe even unloved. The rhythm of life is so easily lost; we trip and barely catch ourselves before the next hurdle is there to trip us up again. We feel alone and hungry, scattered and uptight.

But the reality is that the rhythm is there, playing in the background somewhere. Can we quiet our hearts enough to hear it again? My friend asked me if it was possible to be still. Is it possible to be still while juggling a few kids, a household, a husband, the expectations of our community? It’s hard.

I have a number of friends who have recently added baby number 2 to the mix of their lives and I have been so bad at keeping in touch with them. I think of them often as the days go by. Going from 1 child to 2 was hard for me. The rhythm was so lost I forgot to shower, let alone brush my hair. It was all I could do to make it through the day and get meals on the table. How do we find the silence in the midst of our blaring loud lives?

So to my long time friend whose heart was laid open in words on the screen, my dear fellow mums learning the steep curve of parenting two littles, and all those who are listening for their rhythm, here are a few ways I keep my sanity..

This and this are on every day at some point – sometimes a little Bessie Smith, too.

I loved reading Cordella‘s first issue and can’t wait for the second to arrive!

I also look in here, here, and here when I have the chance.

Thought this article was interesting.

This snack is amazing and this crock pot meal is awesome.

Loved this salad, too bad my quinoa is gone…

I let the kids watch Daniel Tiger when they need a video to distract them – there are full episodes on youtube – they sing the sharing song and it melts me heart.

I have been enjoying the poetry of German poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

This article is informative plus I’ve tested the theory and it’s true. Why you need to change when you drink coffee.

Christmas lights, candles, Christmas music, cinnamon, pies… that all helps too.


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