Keeping busy around here… The last of our holiday company left us on Saturday after a beautiful evening spent at the beach in La Manzanilla. The cafe seats are full everyday, coffee brewing, oven baking. We had our first concert of the season Tuesday night and the place was packed. The children loved it. They clapped their hands and stomped their feet along with the best of them. Ben and I reach the end of our days tired but satisfied. We’ve started cuddling up on the couch and watching Seinfeld episodes before bed, too tired even to read.

I call this our ”paper towel and paper plate” days. Most of the year I try to be conscientious about the waste we produce, but in January and February it’s more about saving our sanity. Sometimes fewer dishes and a disposable rag to clean up the spilled milk is just what we need.

I made chicken liver pate for the first time and the flavor is slowly growing on me. I am also enjoying a butter tea from Nourished Kitchen during my early morning baking. It’s a heck of a lot tastier than the yak butter tea I was served in Bhutan, though I’m sure that was extremely nourishing as well.

Here are a couple shots from around Christmas. I lost my camera shortly after that…


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