Friday night we went to a Seder. Our Jewish friends invited us to commemorate with them the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and the greatness of Elohim toward his people. We listened as ancient songs extolling the greatness of God and his mighty outstretched hand rang through the darkness. We blessed each other and each portion of food and drink as a gift from God given to us. We listened and responded in broken Hebrew to the same Psalms being sung all over the world from the diaspora, some at that very moment. It was moving and exhausting. I am happy to have witnessed and participated in a ritual so ancient and meaningful to so many of our forefathers, even to Jesus.

Saturday we spent cleaning and organizing and preparing for Easter Sunday. As I hung laundry and swept floors in my heart I attempted to clean out the space that has been cluttered by the revelations I’ve seen along this journey. I did not hide them away but organized them a bit so that the truth of today, Easter Sunday, can shine in all its glory. I mixed flour and yeast, tomatoes and onions, and looked back on this journey that has brought me to this more spacious place. It is a space of greater faith. Sometimes God brings us to definitive moments in our lives. That moment left me in tears of both fear and wonder as I realized what was happening: God was reminding me who he is.

He is Elohim, the God of great strength and everlasting faithfulness toward his people. He is Jesus, God made flesh, dwelling among us, walking in our dust and sleeping on our soil. Jesus loving our babies, healing our fathers, teaching us to pray. Jesus choosing to die for the joy set before him and releasing into us a Spirit that enables us to speak truth.

It is early morning as I write this, still dark outside though anything but quiet. The house is clean, the meals are prepared, the table is set, and I am at peace. My sins and shortcomings that were exposed in these last weeks have been named and forgiven. The psalms glorifying the God who delivers us and holds all things together – even when they seem torn apart – have been sung. Today is a day of celebration, for Christ is risen, alive and active in our midst. Hallelujah!

2015-04-05 13.00.05

Traditional Mexican Folk Art – La Cruz – leaning on Corona de Cristo


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