As you know, I have not been posting much recently. I guess, honestly, I am just not sure what to say. Our lives have been a whirlwind these last few months. Between wrapping up another season at the cafe, recognizing that we may indeed have lost our court battle over the coffee roaster and equipment confiscated at the border, and coping with increased delinquency and threats from the cartel in our state it has been hard to find rest. I have sort of settled into some of the unknowns of our life as it is now but there are aspects of the uncertainties that still tend to make my head ache and my prayers feel weak.

Pushing outside my own world, I am overwhelmed as I watch the news and the scenes coming out of Nepal. We were camping last weekend and didn’t hear about the catastrophe until a couple days after the fact. Having traveled in Nepal a few times I have streets, buildings, views, tea shops, even a few fuzzy faces, that come to mind when I think of the country. My husband lived there for two years teaching English in a remote village. He has trekked all over the country and knows many villages that are no longer standing. This earthquake is not even close to the only distressing events happening in the world but it hits a little closer to home.

I’m not sure what to say. I feel my heart full of distracted thoughts and questions. It is nothing I can, as of yet, put into words. So I continue doing what I am doing these days which is mostly prepping for, enjoying, and cleaning up from camping trips. Camping is an escape for us right now; a chance to rest and stop checking the news feeds and dealing with dishes piled in the sink. I am also enjoying yoga again with two different communities of women. It is refreshing to leave the kids with Ben, lay out on a mat and listen to the evening birds, stretch these muscles that I tend to keep tense throughout the day. When it is time to meditate I whisper my prayers out into the evening and try to let go of another day.


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  1. Love to see families camping together, If only more parents brought there kids out to enjoy nature. Much of who I am is a direct result of growing up outdoors. Thanks for sharing your experience and your thoughts.

    1. We love camping together! Sure it’s a bit of work packing and unpacking but it is so worth it. I believe that outside play and contact with nature is important for children.

  2. there’s nothing quite like sleeping in a tent close to the ocean to calm the mind… I haven’t camped this coastline yet but I’m excited to learn those special places. my most cherished memories are from camping trips with my family as a kid, and later with my boys as they grew up. your little ones (and you!) are making some amazing memories!

    1. It’s so true! I love that we have the ability to camp on these incredible beaches – often the same beach I camped on as a kid with my family. You have to get out there and enjoy it before the rain!

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